Similar to the primary necessity of my project to place a dot in it’s correct point in relation to the camera’s position, the cameras and navigation technology used by C3 Technologies place pixels of a photo in a virtual 3d space relative to it’s real distance. Basically they use a Kinect on all kinds of steroids.

Imagine, in a few years time, we can do that with our household cameras. Make a quick swiping motion and have a 100-180°, zoomable family portrait. With a resolution so precise that you can count your grandfather’s nostril hair.

Oh, and of course project this image into the real world onto the place where it was taken and then we’re able to touch the people in the picture!

But I guess my thoughts are most likely „so 2005“ anyway..

At least this might be a future for Google Maps.

+ interesting link in the comments section: insight3d

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