organic information design | ben fry

organic information design

Ben Fry | Master’s Thesis | MIT Media Lab
Aesthetics & Computation Group | Professor John Maeda

Design techniques for static information are well understood, theirdescriptions and discourse thorough and well-evolved. But thesetechniques fail when dynamic information is considered. There is aspace of highly complex systems for which we lack deep understandingbecause few techniques exist for visualization of data whose structureand content are continually changing. To approach these problems, thisthesis introduces a visualization process titled Organic InformationDesign. The resulting systems employ simulated organic properties inan interactive, visually refined environment to glean qualitativefacts from large bodies of quantitative data generated by dynamicinformation sources.

Download PDF (8.6M)

You absolutely want to read this excellent work.
Believe me. 🙂

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