Next Generation of Sliders in (E)Motion

Part of task Sliders 2.0  – +-Slider, the core elements and the MinMax-Slider ! Short movies to show the motion are about to follow… 


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2 Kommentare zu “Next Generation of Sliders in (E)Motion

  1. Strange to note how photos sometimes influence perception – the MinMax slider evokes some quite carnal qualities here: what exactly does a slitted pink triangle with a knob at the top remind you of? Hmmm… eventually, this might turn into a great control for some (cyber) sex toy. :-)And I am actually only slightly joking – why not? I *would* like to see better designed adult toys. With very few exceptions most of this stuff is at least aesthetically rather horrible.

  2. Interesting psychological approach – Freud would have been delighted! The applied color is actually ment to be eye-catching and sort of an easy recognizable guidance. So *Intuition and attraction* do play a significant role!As to the shape, a "nice&pleasant feel" is kind of the essence of a slider. And aren’t all sliders toys? And after all, one major requirement for a sliding device is to make the the user want to repeat the action over and over in delight;-)

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