Nabhila’s Grasshopper Hausaufgabe- building a wall controled by image Sampler


With this very easy programation i could bild a wall that change the number of the blocks (Lenght or depth) based on the color of a image. In this case i used a black / White image to get the parameters.

Simple Steps can be used for it: we start building a base polygon for it, in this case i used the hexagon, as you can see at the picture under:


after bilding it i have to close as a solid and this solid will work as a reference for the whole wall.


Now that we have the base done, we can start to bild the wall starting from this polygon, for that i will need to use a hexagon grid and  connect this to a point and this to the base hexagon that we build at the beginning.


the next step is to calculate the Length  and Depth of the hexagon that we have and from that value we can then plug the image sampler at the programation:


what we want is to use the variation of the color to create a wall with diferent block sizes, for that we have to create a panel to see the values of this image and later put this values in the programation that we did till now. to get a compatible value with the ones from the hexagongrid we have to graff the image and multiply the values them we can put it in a panel and check before we plug that into the whole programming.


now we just have to plug it into the negative boton and bake the wall, the result from that will be just like this one:


in the link you will find the whole programation reading to try 🙂


6 / 07 / 2013


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