Visual Programming Workend

This semester i’m offering a Visual Programming Workend. In two days I will show you the basics of programming in a language, that is not based on symbols like letters and numbers but on graphical elements like boxes and wires.

last semester we worked with the graphical programming environment called Pure Data. This semester you’ll have the option to choose one of two languages for the workshop: Pure Data or VVVV. Below you’ll find a poll … the majority wins.



Both programming environments are based on similar principls and both are good in interfacing with external hardware like webcams, arduinos or the usual HIDs. But there are still some pros and cons for both environments.

Pure Data
+ works on Mac and Windows (and Linux)
+ good for synthesizing sound
– bad for synthesizing visuals and image analysis
– kind of outdated/not very active community

+ good for synthesizing visuals and image analysis (motion tracking, color detection, blob detection)
+ up to date/active community
+ modern user friendly interface
– works only on Windows
– not very good at synthesizing sound



3 Kommentare zu “Visual Programming Workend

  1. Hey,
    do you already know what the exact course times are going to be?
    I am asking, because 17./18.05. overlaps with another course…

    Thanks for your help,
    Lucas Rex

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