explo-preview – maximilian behrens

erstes kurzes rendering der erstellten explosions-animation


wingspan functional prototyp

After spending hours trying to combine hall sensors with a keyboard control (and finally realizing that it just doesn’t work) this is the very first functional prototype(using an arduino mega instead). I even got it working with more sensors-but only for couple of hours:-(

Each bird is linked to 2 sensors (one for each slider). The magnet in the slider itself snaps to the magnetic foil around the hall sensor which helps you to adjust both sliders at the same height. 



next steps: get the code running again

 add a photoconductive cell so images will only be shown if someone touches the slider


image this without the bottom 50cm and you get an impression of the size my final model will have

Sushi Slider – second test with a bigger mockup

Here goes another test with the „sushi slider“. Now it works in a smoother way, without the pointer trembling so much and using all the magnet’s pot area(thanks Lucas!). The hand model in the video was also improved (thanks Yuchi!).

PS1: I believe that the reason the crazy bug occurs in the middle of the video its because I still need to put something in order to avoid the slider going besides magnet’s pot limits.

PS2: Next time I promisse to use an example that is not the upset girl. =P

Sushi slider – 1st functional mockup

First mockup using the magnet pot on the side instead of under the handler – that was the original idea. Using it on the side proved to be more effective once this allows to use different materials independently the way they influence the magnet, because the magnet/metal rod works directly with the small magnet inside the pot.


The video below shows how it works:

Saitenslider, plus/minus, Glockenspielslider

Attempt to include actual tone through elastic bands that can be tuned. There could be different settings, in which the cords would be automatically tuned differently (scales, triads..) to show different proportions/scales of information.

This is just an idea of moving the slider by pulling (in this case) a ring.

Another slider with analog sound by building it over a glockenspiel. The pellet, which slides over the plates of the glockenspiel, is connected to the slider through a spring. That way, the sound isn’t muffled by it.