Amplifying Textiles – Textile and Sound Laboratory

Amplifying Textiles – Textile and Sound Laboratory (23. – 25. April)

This workshop conducted by Berit Greinke – researcher in textile design and digital sound – will offer a closer look at potential connections of textile, materials and sound design. The participants will get an insight in how to construct simple synthesisers or sonified textile objects – using conductive materials and both analogue and digital electronic tools. Participants can utilise the textile sensors developed in the former workshop „Sensing Through Fabric“ led by Mika Satomi and adapt them. In this workshop the students will learn about processes of ‚data sonification‘ and building homemade musical instruments with textile materials. 




The Product » Soundmachines


Now what on earth does this remind me of? Just significantly dumbed down, that is. 😉 (Seems very well executed, though, mind you.)

Go, Elena! 🙂


Again for everyone: who ever needs spacial (meaning 3d) sound, the SoundScape Renderer supports lots of different rendering techniques and is free.

If you don’t have a lot of speakes at hand, binaural rendering using headphones is an easy and good sounding choice.
To get an idea, grab some decent headphones and watch this demo video for a remote control running on Android phones I did 🙂

How realistic it sounds depends on various factors like how good the headphones are, how close the form of your ear is to the „ear that is simulated“ and of course of the sounds that are played. Humans are made to understand speech, so that always works best. Very very good in fact.